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My blog 

Stories behind my pictures. 

Kingfishers fighting 

Taken on the 12th of November 2020

This image shows an adult female and a juvenile male fighting. They both sat together and posed aggressively for 15 minutes before they went for each other. I think they were battling over territory. I have not seen the female since but the male is still showing well so I think he won the dispute. 

Kingfisher handover 

Taken on 22nd of April 2019

This image shows a male (right) passing a fish the female (left). Fish handovers most commonly happen between a pair of adult kingfishers before mating and also as a way of building a bond and trust. 

Barn owl at dusk 

Taken on 3rd of March 2020

This image shows a barn owl hunting in the last light on the day and in between rain showers. Barn owls will not fly in the rain. This is because their wings will get wet, making them unable to fly. This picture was taken just after a rain shower. The owl dashed out as soon as the rain stopped so he was obviously hungry!

Kingfisher hover 

Taken on the 2nd of December 2020

This picture shows a kingfisher hovering. Watching a hover is a very beautiful sight but is a very difficult moment to capture. Kingfishers hover over water occasionally for a few seconds at a time to get a better view of the water and its contents. 

Short eared owl perched 

Taken on 26th of November 2020 

This image shows a short eared owl perched on a post. My closest owl encounter. He sat there while people walked past 20 feet away and with photographers crowded round him, until he eventually went down into the grass and caught a vole. 

This image is not on my portfolio but is still avaliable for print. 

Kingfisher on canal boat 

Taken on 28th September 2020

In this picture there is a kingfisher sat on a canal barge. They will perch anywhere as long as they are able to fish from it. I have only seen them on barges a small handful of times so this was quite a special moment to finally capture a decent barge shot. 

Short eared owl looking for his late afternoon breakfast

Taken on the 19th of November 2020

This image shows a beautiful short eared owl I captured today. Like barn owls, short eared owls will not fly in the rain. After a heavy down pour all morning meaning he was not able to get out and feed he was out earlier than usual at 2.40 in the afternoon looking for his breakfast. 

Parent feeding young

Taken on the 10th August 2020

In this picture, the adult kingfisher (bottom) is about to feed its young. They will only feed the youngsters for a few days after they have fledged the nest, then they will chase them of site at least a mile down stream. Kingfishers are very territorial birds and defensive over fishing spots. 

This image is not on my portfolio but is still available for print.